The operator of the HALAL-MEAT store is Continius S.A. The company has been operating on international markets for over 10 years. The company's area of ​​operation was domestic and international trade as well as consulting. For many years of activity, employees of Continius S.A. have acquired extensive experience and knowledge in the field of international business and trade.

The supplier of the products offered in the store is SPEED-IN sp.z o.o. which obtains meat from the best farms in Poland. The products that are offered as processed also come from this supplier.

The HALAL-MEAT store that is currently being launched is a continuation of previous activities and a specialization in a narrower field than before. We are sure that both the quality of the offered products and the level of service will convince our customers to use our store. The presented offer will be constantly expanded, also taking into account the remarks and comments of our clients. Our goal is to fully satisfy our customers and to enrich the offer in line with their expectations.

fresh, tasty meat from the best farms

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